Why did Bose remove reverb decay time setting from the new T4s

I have had the ToneMatch T1 for years and just bought the ToneMatch T4s because it was touted as having better effects and more functionality. However I am really disappointed that they removed the ability to change reverb decay times from within the reverb type category. I use this function all the time when I am playing because different songs have different tempos. That was one of the best features on the T1. It is not just a one size fits all in plate, small, medium, large categories. 

I have been using the L1 Model 2 with the T1 since 2010 as a full time musician. I have really enjoyed the Bose experience until this oversight. Now it appears I will have to send my T4s back unless Bose addresses this issue. I don't want to use another company's mixer, but I certainly will because this my livelihood and $600 is a lot of money for less functionality. End of rant


Hi Donaldjon,

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The decay time parameter is not gone, just expressed in a different way.

First - have you updated your T4S to the latest firmware?

T4S/T8S Firmware Update Instructions

Bose addressed customer concerns about the reverb.

T4S Reverb Time Parameter

The T4S/T8S have a different reverb engine. The way the time value is expressed is different.

T1 - time is expressed in milliseconds


Global Reverb Settings are different from the T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine.
T4S/T8S ToneMatch® Mixers Global Reverb settings
Menu Main or Aux 1 (apply following settings to Main or Aux)
Type Plate, Small, Medium, Large, Cavern
Time Expressed as a percentage of the time range for each reverb type
Reverb Type         Time Range
Plate 0 – 4.6 s
Small 0 – 0.8 s
Medium 0 – 1.9 s
Large 0 – 3.5 s
Cavern 0 – 7.0 s
Balance Percentage (ratio of early/later re?ections)

The decay parameter is not gone, just expressed in a different way.