Win 7, 64 bit machine and Hasp Key

I have had two reports of problems with the Hasp Key and Win 7 64 bit machines.
Anyone else?
Is there a solution I missed?

Phil at Bose

Any help on the error message attached?

And this one?


just to add that I have a Win-7 64bit machine a home and the Modeler works like a charm. Although I rarely use it at home but for the sake of testing out I had installed it on my personal laptop and all went well. During the installation process I did notice that Win downloaded appropriate drivers.

I hope this helps.


Just recently I had tried using the licensed key on my Win7-64 (Home Premium) laptop installed with Modeler 6.7Plus and I had received an error “The key was not properly initialized”. I had uninstalled and then reinstalled the HASP drivers. The SafeNET is listed thrice at the Device Manager. Still the same! I had also tried on another Win7-64 machine and got the same error. Just to add… I was able successfully use the Purple key without any concerns. It is the black licensed key that is giving off this error message.

Any latest on how to resolve this? Screen shots are attached . Thanks.

Thanks Thomas for your note.

This is a new key that I have received from Bose. I believe it has not been tried earlier. Bose UAE office had received two keys from base ops out of which one that they have is working fine (at Bose office) and the one that I have received is showing errors. As per Rob’s suggestion I have done a clean install of Modeler 6.7 on my machine and it didn’t work… Additionally, I had tried to run it on a totally new PC (Win-7 64bit Home premium) but still the same!

I agree with you that there may be some concerns with the key itself. Can I get a new key, please? At earliest… I have a couple of projects that are pending for some time. I need to finish them at earliest.

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Hi all,

please let us know here in case you have any issues running the HASP key under Win7. Please note the following paragraph from Brent for additional information.

Modeler STD. & Plus installers bundle an updated HASP driver version This driver is installed during Modeler installation process on all supported O/S’s. Win7 64 bit will detect and initialize the driver once the HASP key is inserted in a USB port. Once Win7 64 completes this process, a dialog is presented to the user stating “Your device is ready to use.” Also, to confirm that the driver is installed, go to Control panel->System->Device manager and expand the USB Controllers section to view the three SafeNet, Inc. HASP key entries.

Remember that full admin rights are required to install HASP drivers.

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Hi all,

I received a report from a Pro Partner today who had trouble with the HASP key and 64 bit Windows 7.

Here’s a summary of the info he gave, unfortunately, I still have no personal experience since I’m still running XP.

  • The most recent driver for the key, v6.22, can be downlaoded from this link. Should you go via the main support page from Aladdin (now SafeNet), make sure you don’t select the ‘GUI’ version - it required machine-reconfiguration at our partner.

  • Apparently, it is possible that - before you install Modeler - you first plug the key into a USB port and Windows will find the proper driver automatically, but only if you are online. If Modeler is installed afterwards, all should work fine.

  • I also heard that the HASP keys do not work with USB 3.0 ports.

Please let me know if you have made any confirming or contradicting experiences.



Hi Asad,

sorry, I still can’t help much with special Win 7 experience, I’m still running XP…

One question came to my mind though, because I also saw the same error message (on XP) recently:

Is this the key you have been (successfully) using with other installs in the past ?

or in other words:

Is this key still running with an installation that used to work fine ?

If not, than my suspicion is that re-programming the key (needs to be done by us) or just a new key could do the trick.



Hi Asad,

I recommend that you get a new, properly programmed HW Key from Rob (I don’t have any that I could ship). We’ll keep you posted by private mail.

Best rgds,