2 set of Sorround 700 speaker to BOSE SOUND BAR 700 system

I bought Bose 700 Sound Bar more than year ago including BASS 700 Module and Sorround avaible on that time ending 2018 year , everithyng works perfectly,


This 2020 I ordered an additional 2 set of Sorround 700 speaker , this time I order new Sorround 700  which I recieved February 2020 , but when I tried to add to my current Bose system App do not allow.
If I disconnect the old sorround speakers, the app allow me to add the new Sourrond 700 speakers and viceversa.
Looks like the system Bose 700 Sound bar only allow to add 1 set of sorround speakers.

I love to have 2 sets of Sorround with my Bose Sound bar 700 system, that will result in 4 sorround speakers.
Could you support me to see is this is possible to have 2 set of sorround speakers with my Bose 700 Sound Bar?