4 x 125W speakers from 600W amp

Dear all, I currently have 2 x DM6SE (125W 8 ohm) speakers wired in parallel back to a P2600A 600w per channel amp (the other channel i am using for another zone) for my home background music setup.


I would like to expand out the coverage with an additional 2 matching speakers, to wire in two parallel pairs - this would give a total of 500watts being driven by 600watts, into what is seen as 8 ohms (8 8/2) by the amp i believe.


Are there any issues with this, or do I not have enough headroom on the amp?


The specs of speakers and amps are below:






It is possible to switch from low-impedance to high-impedance line voltage mode on the speakers and amp, if that were to make any difference.


Thanks in advance for the advice.