6 compacts with 6 ESW-8's instead of 2 L1's and 4 B1's

Call me crazy…but after using my 4 compacts with 4 ESW-8’s I am contemplating selling my L1’s and 4 B1’s and just getting 2 more compacts and 2 more ESW-8’s

My thought is to have 2 compacts with ews-8’s by my table…2 in the middle of the room…and 2 down at the other end. (All connected wirelessly) (and this is for bigger parties over 300 people)…smaller i think I can get away with 4…2 by me and 2 on the other end.

I know I’m gonna hear from everyone saying…2 L1’s are enough for their parties …but I’m really happy with how well the compacts perform and the ease of setup.

And in this configuration you are truly getting the same sound around the whole room.

I Love to hear everyone’s thought’s!!!