Acoustic Celtic Trio: Banshee in the Kitchen

Banshee in the Kitchen relies on our Bose L1 systems for stellar sound reinforcement in a wide variety of professional performance situations. The L1 systems freed us from the unknowns of just accepting whatever gear and personnel a venue would offer us (which vary greatly), and also from the arduous complexity of managing a 3-part system with or without a sound person to assist.

We’ve been enjoying our L1s since 2004, and have just upgraded to Model IIs. Oh, so very packable, and even easier to set up and enjoy. We love having our personal mixes dialed into our T1s, and ready to take with us where e’er we roam, even to big festivals where house is doing sound. The sound people love it. "One line for 3 guitars? No problem!"

We’ve been touring and recording since 2002, with 5 CDs to our credit at this point. We’ve evolved to a community concert, festival, and event band for hire. We’ve shared the stage with The Wicked Tinkers, Tempest, Molly’s Revenge and other brash, loud Celtic guy bands; we think of ourselves as the “estrogen palate cleanser”, with a very musical approach and lighter (yet rockin’) touch.

Brenda: fiddle, hammered dulcimer, vocal
Jill: accordion, flute, whistle, bodhran, vocal
Mary: 6&12 string guitars, bouzouki, vocal

Here is a link our previous Model I array, My Stage Layout in The Sketcher. Here is a thread with live shots of us and the L1 Model Is at an outdoor gig a couple years back:
Link to Banshee gig photos

And here is our shiny new Model II setup:


I think that covers everything.

Here is Mary’s stage layout.

– click image to make changes to the live version –

Quoting mbanshee from The Sketcher


#1 is a rack box with Furman power conditioner, dual preamps, EQ, and compression for the fiddle (which has a GLM condenser mic) and hammered dulcimer, which has an internal pickup.

Hey, thanks ST. You always make these posts better.

Hi Mary!

Thanks so much for including your great band here. I (still) can’t wait to hear you.

All the best,


Gawrsh, Ken, we’d love you to hear us. And to meet all of you-at-Bose. Midland TX is as far East as we’ve got on the books, though, so I guess somebody’s going to have to whip up one o’ these user conferences out this way…! Razz

Be well,

somebody's going to have to whip up one o' these user conferences out this way...!

I have been fantasizing about Bakersfield for about a year now, ever since I heard Ken Bausano end his Ashland Interview with remarks about the musical heritage of the city.

Oh to Die Like Buck Owens


Wow, great comments from Ken B! Couldn’t agree more. As for the Buckaroo, it’s worth checking out a great song by Robbie Fulks called The Buck Starts Here.

I agree! What a lovely comment by Ken B! You can read all about him in the special section the Bakersfield Californian did after he passed. Here’s my favorite by a local columnist, about that last performance. The guy had class.
Doing it his way until the end

Buck’s museum at his club here in town, The Crystal Palace, is worth seeing if you have memories of red white n blue guitars and a big Caddie with longhorns on the front. We never did get to play there, or meet Mr. Owens. But I have in fact slow-danced with my hubby to Buck and the Buckaroos playing “Together Again”. It was one of those “I can’t believe I’m really doing this…!” moments that almost spoiled the moment, if you know what I mean.

Buck Owens in person was gravelly voiced and down to earth, with a sharp wit. When he made his entrance every night, they had thunder, flashing lights and smoke. He took requests happily, and handed out little buckaroo pins to the kids. Nice to see all generations out on the dance floor.

One night we went and he was home with the flu so the Buckaroos held down the show. A HOT band. Geez, what pros.

We Banshees sometimes quip that we’re what happened to Celtic music when it hit Bakersfield, especially on some of our more Americana numbers. Not sure that’s really true, but it’s fun to say. There’s a lot of pride by association to the Bakersfield Sound, just by living here.


Mary, just noticed that you will be in Irving, Texas in Feb. '09. That is minutes from my abode. I will plan on hearing you guys in person. Will you be using your Bose setup or using a house system?


Charlie, yes indeed we will be in Irving at the Winter Festival of Acousti Music , and it would be great to meet you. No, no Bose systems as we will be lucky to get ourselves and assorted instruments there by airplane. So, we’re plugging into whatever they have to offer. (I will probably have my trusty T1, though!).


I will look forward to hearing you guys.


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