Acoustic trio, L1 II, B2, T1 and a Compact

Just started a new acoustic trio. I play guitar and sing and have an L1 II, B2, T1 system. The other guitar player and singer has a Compact system. We also have a stand up bass player who does not sing and would need to mic his bass into one of the systems. Would it be best to run everyone into the T1 and then run the analog out to the Compact? Or keep the two systems separate with one guitar and vocal mic into the Compact and the other guitar, vocal mic and bass mic into the L1/T1?

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A new acoustic trio - How fun! Especially since you’ll have a couple of L1®s in the mix - one for each vocalist.

"keep the two systems separate with one guitar and vocal mic into the Compact and the other guitar, vocal mic and bass mic into the L1/T1?"

Yes - for smaller venues I would keep things separate. Run the bass through your Model II.

Check this out: Cocktail Party Effect

That explains why I’m suggesting that you keep the systems separate - at least for audiences up to say… 100 people. Will your audiences be bigger?

For context: I have both the Model II and the Compact, and I have done lots of shows with different L1®s on stage.

Thanks! After reading much of what is posted here I figured that would be the answer but it’s good to get verification of what I think as it doesn’t happen all that often! I will read the cocktail stuff. First gig with this trio on 5/2…Looking forward to it.

My L1 II has changed my life.

Thank again for the help.

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Here are some more notes for you.

L1® Model II

B2 Bass Module

T1 ToneMatch® Audio Engine

If you have a couple of minutes - please tell us more about your music.


At the moment I am playing in two similar yet different bands. The aforementioned trio is a spin off from an blues/classic rock bar band we played in for too many years. We decided we were too old for that stuff so we downsized, simplified and now play sitting down. We still mostly do the same blues and r&r just a lot quieter. My real musical passion though is playing in an acoustic duo with another guitar player/singer. We have played together for about 15 years now so we are very comfortable. When we describe what we play we use the old Doc Watson answer, “We play traditional, plus. Traditional music plus whatever else we like.” We both flat pick. He plays a Martin J40. I play a guitar I built some years ago that is as close a copy to a pre-war Martin as my humble building skills allowed. We have been searching for a way to amplify our sound in a way to properly honor the sound of our guitars for many years. Different mics, pickups,pa’s, monitors and thousands of dollars left us frustrated to the point of not wanting to play out. The L1 system has changed all that! We finally have a simple system that sounds like our guitars. Using the equipment listed below through the L1 II, B2, T1 sounds sublime!

Guitar: self made D28 Madagascar/Sitka
Pickup: lr baggs anthem/para di
Vocal mic: groove tubes convertable

Guitar: Martin J40
Pickup: lr baggs anthem
Vocal mic: groove tubes convertible

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What a pleasure it is to meet you. Thanks for all the really neat information.

Thanks too for introducing me to the Groove Tubes Convertible.

What preset are you using for these?

The GT Convertibles sound great with the Shure SM58 preset.

David and I played Friday night in a small bar, 60 -70 people. It was pretty noisy. Never turned the master volume above one third. People could hear us quite well and we could hear perfectly. The L1 is truly magic!