Acoustimass 300 wireless bass blinking 1 amber, 1 white and 1 red and then repeats

After an recent update, I can no longer get my 300 wireless bass to connect. I've tried the following.

1. Powered off both sound bar and wireless bass.

2. Going through the setup, which the sound bar will eventually become to a solid white bar, but the wireless bass continues to flash 1 amber, 1m white and 1 red.

3. I have even tried connecting with a 3.5mm cable to it.


All 3 options I have no sound. Please advise on what I should do next?


Hello, doeweb, 


Thanks for reaching out. 👋


I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with your Acoustimass 300. 


The red light is an indicator of an error so service may be required. I would recommend getting in touch with local support by following this link.



Did this ever get resolved. If so, what fid u do?

Did this get resolved?

Any fix to this problem?