Adding a L1B1 to 2 L1 Compact systems

Our rock band has a gig that will encompass a larger outside area than normal.  We usually are good with 2 L1 compacts for  rehearsal and small private parties.   I have a L1 B1 TS4 system that I thought we could incorporate for the next gig.   I am the sax guy,  so I was thinking of just using it for my horn and place it behind me and send a monitor signal the the mix board.   However does anyone have a good idea how we could tie  the three systems together.  Thanks for any input.



Hey Takefive,

Thanks for your post! 

Would your L1/B1 be used solely as a monitor mix, or as a main speaker?

Also, what are you currently using as the main mixer in this setup?

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The preference would be to use it as a main speaker with the other 2 L1 compacts.


I am not sure of the brand or type of mixing equipment, however the unit consists of only inputs and line in and out ports and is connected remotely by an Ipad or laptop.  There are 2 “out to  L&R Mains” ports which sends signal to the L1 compacts.  Adding the L1B1 for more performance would be good. I also have a TS4 that could be incorporated if needed.


thanks for any assistance! 

Hi Takefive,

In addition to the main stereo output, many mixers also have one or more auxiliary outputs that different channels can be sent to. The aux output on your mixer can be connected to the L1/B1. This would also give you the option of playing a mix that is separate from the main mix through the L1/B1, which is useful if you're wanting to highlight certain instruments specifically.

Alternatively, you can connect the line output from one of the L1 Compact systems to the input on the L1/B1. Note, however, that if you have your instruments mixed in stereo, this will effectively double either the left or right channel of the main mix.

I hope this is clear, let me know if you have any other questions!