AKG D880 Emotion

Does anyone know if there’s a Tonematch preset to fit this for download?

If not, is there a substitute that is close enough?


Hi AJ,

I thought this sounded familiar, and I looked back and saw that you had asked this couple of times without getting a response.

This also seemed familiar in another way and I found an email I had sent to a buddy about 3 years ago.

"AKG D880

AKG D880 Dynamic Handheld Microphone

Performance microphone with a frequency response designed specifically for lead and backing vocals. Wind noise and sibilance are eliminated by an integrated wind and pop screen. The outstanding performance is obtained by means of the newly developed AKG Varimotion diaphragm technology and a frequency-independent supercardioid polar pattern that provides very effective feedback suppression. With the Doubleflex anti-vibration system handling noise is all but eliminated. Comes complete with vinyl carrying case and stand adapter. S version has on/off switch."

He had used an AKG D880 one night and we found that the first preset

“Hand Held Mics” was what he liked the best that night.

I’d start there and then try the others for comparison.

I found an older post of yours,

Originally posted by Ajellsay:
I used my rented system this past weekend, without the aid of any PA equipment. It was very good, I am not a genius when it comes to eq’s, effects, compression etc so I just used the settings that I had dialed in during my rehearsals and it was amazing.

I could tell people were really hearing the music, and it was perfectly amplified and never too loud for people to talk. I had the system directly behind me. I tone matched my Taylor 310 CE to the preset Taylor Fingerstyle & my AKG D880 mic to one of the Sennheiser presets.

I really enjoyed using the system, and want to try and finance one in the near future.


Is that Sennheiser Preset not cutting it for you?

Try this:

Presets - Finding What Works

Yes thanks for noticing that. I wanted to try again with some different words to see if someone knows something I haven’t figured out yet.

The Seinheiser seemed alright for the out door events I was doing, but now there seems to be something wrong with the mix now that I can’t put my finger on, (pun intended). Lately, I’ve just been running my Fender amp into the T1 mixer, and running it flat. I am quite new to the whole mixer game, so there is probably something I am missing.

I’ll take a look at that preset guide and see if that helps. Thanks ST.


ST, was your friend singing through an M1 or M2?


Hi AJ,

Back then, it would have been a Classic / Model I.

But given an opportunity to use that microphone again today - I would start with the same preset on the T1® with a Model II.

Category: Vocal Microphones
Preset: Handheld Mics

Your right, I used that preset the other night, and it worked fine. Although, after playing around a bit more the issue has reframed. During some comparisons the two systems back and forth, I feel that the fender was an essential component in my sound. I’m really wanting to hear the expression of the sound amplification that the Fender combo was providing. Mind you, there’s things I like about the Bose as well. For example, the crispness, the clarity of the bass, and unlimited mixer effects. Yet, at times I wish it was a little less capable of presenting things in such an ‘honest’ way.

I am not giving up yet. Some of my difficulty here may still lie in my lack of experience using the mixer and effects to my advantage.