Alexa & Google Assistant PORTUGAL



Few months ago I bought Bose Home Speaker 500 in Portugal where it was supposed to have integrated Alexa and google assistant. By that time support team has said that the problem would be solved in future soft/firmware updates. The truth is that both "assistants" are already working in Portugal and even in Portuguese language in several speakers from other brands - not from Bose! What is really annoying me is that you´ve just made a firmware update (mid November) and just ignored this issue. And the fact is that you have several complains about this issue and you just don't care. And I would already be happy to use them in English... believe me!


Is that so difficult to make this update? really?


Hey Nuno Leite, 

Thanks for reaching out to us! 


Regarding your query, we are working hard to bring virtual assistance to our smart speakers for as many regions as possible. This is an ongoing process and even if your chosen virtual assistance is available independently from the Bose product, it may take longer to implement. 


Thanks for your patience. 

You need install VPN APP in the cellphone to configure voice assistance.

Hola muy buenas tardes o días o noches. Recientemente leí su comentario acerca de hacer funcionar los asistentes para un parlante bose con vpn. El producto que yo tengo es el bose home speaker portable. Le pido porfavor me podrías explicar como realizar el proceso de configuración para que funcione mi asistente de voz con el vpn. Muchas gracias y disculpe si lo incómodo en este momento. 

i agree

Please, I need you to support Google Assistant.
I want Google Assistant support.




On the question of alexa and google support being unavailable in Portugal, I would like to say that it would be resolved if everyone returned the product and still made a complaint about misleading advertising.

is a good speaker yes, like the other bose products, if it is a smart speaker? No, it's not. it's just a speaker.

Mine has already gone to return.

Thank u