Allow option to disable multi-bluetooth connections

I find that the multi-connection is more of a hindrance than anything else.  It's not super well done and I've posted my issues with it before, most notably that streaming audio from one device and a secondary device receiving notifications results in garbled audio, skipping, etc. TBH, I don't see a large use case for two simultaneous connections, esp when it's not well done. Most of the time, I end up going into my phone and manually disabling the secondary connection.


As such, I suggest an option in settings that would allow you to disable multiple connections and enable singular connections.

Hello mulhearn22,


Thanks for bringing your suggestion to the Bose Community. 


Whilst this is not currently available as an option, I'll be happy to pass along your suggestion to our development team for consideration. 


Let me know if you have any further questions.

Great, thank you.  Wasn't sure how to submit a feature request.

Incredibly sad that you cant disable this feature! There's constant choppiness when connected to both a mac computer and iphone.

And no resetting does not solve this. 

LOL right!  I never had a bluetooth headphone that I was like "man, I wish this connected to my laptop and my phone!"

I don’t see why this answer is marked as "solution". Is it now possible to disable the second connection? Or not?

This "feature" of 2 connections is really the worst part about my On-Ear Wireless 25. It always connects to the wrong devices. When I am in a call or listening to music, it randomly tries to connect to other devices. It it does connect to a second device, the sound quality of the first device decreases.

Turning off bluetooth on the devices is not really an option, because my computer uses bluetooth mouse and keyword.

This issue is open for many years now, I hope you can soon publish an update, so this issue can actually be solved.

Seriously Bose, how can you call a feature request a solution? You have done nothing to action this request, so reactivate this as Open rather than trying to obfuscate the matter.


I have 6 devices connected to my headset (2xiPads, 2xMobile,  Wk Laptop, Fire TV) . I don't know about you Bose, but I don't listen to 2 audio inputs at the same time, so I only ever need to connect to ONE DEVICE AT A TIME. It's great that the headset can keep the list of connections so I can switch should I wish to do so, but it is BEYOND frustrating when using the Headphones for what they were intended for, to have constant interruptions about devices that are not even broadcasting audio.


Are you seriously suggesting I should turn off Bluetooth on all devices in my connection list just so that the headset can stay connected the audio broadcast I am listening to?


So I join a work Zoom conference, and mid way through I get a message "connection to Fire TV Lost" which cuts out the conference audio for a good 15 seconds. They randomly at some point later I get another message "connected to Fire TV". The Fire TV is actually turned off all the while, but because I used it last week, my Headphones keep trying to connect to it. Why??? It's not even trying to broadcast audio. 


Please Bose, these were bloody expensive headphones. Listen to your customers and make them  work correctly!!!!

Contrary to what others have written, I find it useful to have multiple connections. If anything, I would want to connect more devices than just two. That way, I never have to go into Bluetooth settings to connect/disconnect devices.


However, I can agree that it is not perfectly implemented. For me, the annoyance occurs when a second device constantly connects and then disconnects. The voice prompt then loudly (!) interrupts whatever I did on the first device (e.g. conference calls).


Additionally, sometimes my iPad seems to block my phone from streaming to the headphones. Maybe the iPad is constantly streaming silence, making my headphones believe that I am listening to the iPad, while I am actually streaming music from my phone.

I totally agree with this. I recently bought this headrest. While it’s fantastic it has a huge flaw and that is does not allow to disable multiple devices connected. This means when I am at work and using the headphones to talk to clients I don’t want to hear hundreds of notifications from my phone. Come on Bose, you should be able to do this without us having to disconnect from other devices.

Yes this isn't solved - if my phone rings it totally disrupts the Teams call I'm on, and takes around 5 seconds to hang up and get back to the teams meeting - meaning I miss valuable information.


Its a totally dud feature, and I regret thinking it was a good idea and something that guided my purchase of QC700 headphones.


Of course its solved in so much as bose will shut this forum and not get any user feedback/complaints - which call me cynical is I'm sure the reasoning for closing them.