AMM module channels fail to gate on/off correctly

The Automatic Mic Mixer module initially functions as expected but after making changes to the ‘RMS Avg’ (RMS Averaging) parameters and then uploading (or saving changes to flash) one or more channels no longer gate on or off as expected. If the channel was ‘On’ the ‘Active’ indicator remains lit and the path remains open despite the signal level being below threshold or there being no signal at all. If the channel was off it will not turn on despite all the conditions being met.

Although a value of ‘0’ for ‘RMS Avg’ is permitted by ControlSpace Designer it prevents the Automatic Mic Mixer detection algorithm within the ESP-88 from functioning correctly and thus the channel no longer gates on and off as expected. The issue only occurs if the zero value is present when the file is uploaded or changes saved to flash. Changing the value to ‘0’ whilst ControlSpace Designer is online does not exhibit the same behavior.

ESP-88 (v2.200 or later), Designer (v2.200 or later)

Using a value greater than ‘0’ for ‘RMS Avg’ ensures correct operation. The default value is ‘50’ which should be a good starting point for most applications.

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