Amplifier for ceiling speakers

hello, as a beginner, I bought and installed 2 bose ds 16f speakers in the ceiling at home, but did not buy an amplifier for them, please advise which amplifier i should to buy connect to the TV ( not expensive) , and is it possible to connect the phone to the speakers with bluetooth

Hi Yuppi,


FreeSpace DS16F are designed for commercial and background audio applications. It's also recommended to use proprietary EQ. 

However, you can still use this on a traditional home stereo/receiver. They handle only 16 watts total, but have low-impedance inputs (labeled 8 ohm)


Make sure to put the speaker tap at the 8 ohm setting, and make sure to wire them to "8 Ohm" (positive) and COM (negative).


As for what amp to use, any traditional amp that's around 50W per channel, rated as 4-8 ohm compatible. You'll be lacking a limiter, so use proper judgement on volume levels. (low)

The other issue, though, is that the only way to get proprietary EQ is to use a sound processor. (Bose or otherwise) This would be more expensive than most amplifiers for this. If you're ok with their sound as-is, then this is not needed. 


Just keep in mind, these are not the proper speakers for 'general use' like this, so you get what you get. If you can still return them, I would consider this.