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Hi Folks

Last year I bought a compact for school and I must say it does the perfect job in assemblies. So good in fact that I used outside school for solo gigs and was again very impressed. One of my band members, Dave, was going to a James Taylor concert here in England at the Birmingham LG Arena. So he thought it would be a good idea to take his guitar along and do a bit of busking in the car park to raise some money for Teenage Cancer Trust. I told him he should phone them first, which he did and they were very helpful and even offered him the opportunity to play inside at their ForumLive stage, which is in the main atrium and the first thing concert goers see when they come through the door.He thought that being as it was just a solo gig he would take a combo amp and I offered the Bose compact. Needless to say the gig went really well, the LG were very impressed especially with the sound and on the back of that went and bought an L1 and a B2. My mate has since bought an L1 and a B1. Consequently we’ve been invited back 3 times playing before the Cliff Richard concert, The Mark Knopfler(7,000) concert and the Neil Young (15,000!) concert! We’ve used the venue’s Bose and our one and the sound has been fantastic, bearing in mind also that it’s akin to playing in a Zeppelin hanger! and we’ve had many comments from the audience about the quality of the sound. We’re an acoustic trio, bass, 2 guitars, 2 vocals. Anybody want to buy an H&K PA? :slightly_smiling_face:

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