Any way to stop Bose Smart Speaker from disconnecting Bose Soundlink headphones

I will be listening to an iPhone XR on Bose Soundlink headphones upstairs. Someone will power on the Bose Smart Speaker downstairs. Headphones will automatically disconnect and audio will switch to speaker. This is incredibly annoying. Anyway to prevent?

Hello dtrenaman, 


Thank you for posting and welcome to our Community. Sorry to read that you are running into a disconnecting issue with your speaker. 


This isn't something that can be prevented as this is the speaker connecting to the previous device. With the iPhone, you aren't able to disable this feature other than forgetting the speaker and re-connecting every time you wish to use it. 


You could possibly forget your device from the speaker and then connect it again, then the speaker will connect to the more recently connected devices first before attempting to connect to your phone. 

Wow that is really poor design. To be clear the auto connect is not the issue, the auto disconnect is. I hope Bose reconsiders this. In the meantime I will forget the speaker. Thanks.