Apple Watch Pairing issue

I was able to successfully pair my new Bose Soundsport with my IPhone but it's not working with my Apple Watch (that's really the reason I wanted it in the first place). It finds the headphones but doesn't do anything... can anybody help?

Hi Estebantake,

Thanks for reaching out. Let's try clearing the paired device list on your headphones:

  1. Power off the headphones
  2. Press and hold the Power/Bluetooth button for 10 seconds, until you hear “Bluetooth device list cleared.”

The headphones will revert to discoverable mode. Attempt to pair with just your Apple Watch again. Let us know if that helped.


No, this did not work (and the firmware is already updated to the last version)

Another person here lungshen solved the problem by resetting the Apple Watch.


How do i pair with Apple Watch?


I was able to successfully pair my new Bose Soundsport with my IPhone but it's not working with my Apple Watch (that's really the reason I wanted it in the first place). It finds the headphones but doesn't do anything... can anybody help?


Option #1...  Return it to the retailer NOW.  Get a cash refund and repurchase a new unit so that the retailer's return policy starts from scratch.  If the new unit has the same problem, take it back again and purchase a different product.


Option #2...  Follow the advice on this forum until the retailer will no longer accept a return.  Then ship it to Bose for a repair.  Wait six weeks (like I did for a Wave system) to get your Soundsport back.  Confirm that the problem is still present.

I had the same issue and had tried all suggestions I could find online with no luck. I solved it by clearing all connected devices (hold power on button to the right for 10 seconds). I then unpaired my Apple Watch from my iPhone, then paired again(like if it's a new watch) fortunately you can reset it to a backup so you won't lose any customization. Once I successfully paired my watch to phone I deleted the Bose app, paired the headphones to the watch manually, then paired the phone to headphones. 

The whole process took about 30 minutes mainly when watch was pairing with phone but seems to have worked now when I turn on headphones it tells me I'm connected to iPhone and Apple watch.

I was able to leave my phone at home go out for a walk and using headphones listen to music on my watch.



Confirming this worked to pair my SoundSport wireless to my Apple Watch, but now they won't pair with my iPhone. Seems a little ridiculous that you pay a premium for both products and they won't work properly over something as fundamental as Bluetooth.


Update: I tried the same steps again (unpaired Apple Watch from iPhone; re-paired watch to phone; deleted Bose app from phone; paired earbuds to Apple Watch first, then redownloaded Bose app and paired earbuds to phone). I had the same results initially. The earbuds paired with my Apple Watch just fine, but then I kept getting errors within the Bose app, not letting me pair with my phone. I went into my phone settings and under Bluetooth, the earbuds were listed twice.


So I manually made my phone "Forget This Device", manually quit Settings, and tried pairing again through the Bose app. After a couple of cycles through these two steps, I finally got my phone to pair as well! Hopefully I won't have to go through this nightmare again, and maybe this will help some people until this error (if it is an error) gets unraveled and patched!

I recently bought the Bose Soundsport Wireless for running and using it with my Apple Watch... leave the phone at home, workout, use the GPS on the watch to track the workout etc.


Perfect scenario, but how disappointing that after pairing the devide succesfully with my iPhone, it did not pair with my Watch...


I found out that you do not need to reset your watch, remove the app, clear the connections etc. The only thing you have to do is put your Apple Watch in "flight mode" and then put your Bose Soundsports in pairing modus and then try to play some music.


The watch will tell you that you do not have a bluetooth device connected. Go to the settings menu as suggested pair the device wait for the confirmation and you are good to go!


After succesful pairing you, can turn off flight mode and enjoy! After switching off the Bose Soundsport there is no need to put the Watch back in flight mode. It will simply connect as expected.


Problem solved... Smiley Very Happy - no need to return the device! Let me know if this works for you as well

Have fun!

Oh man, this would have been so much easier! If I ever have this issue again, I will definitely give this a shot. (Definitely don't want to disconnect the earbuds now that they're connected haha). Took a screenshot for future reference—thanks!


Update: went for a run today with only my phone and my Soundsports wouldn't connect to my Apple Watch again. Tried the Airplane mode tip and it worked without a hitch! Thanks again!

I was having all the same problems everyone else was and turned on airplane model and worked…thanks a million ireneus!!!