Are QuietComfort major annoyances addressed in 700 series?



I'm Bose QC owner and I need information regarding two issues before I upgrade to new 700 series headphones:


  1. Is it possible to connect headphones to single device at a time? Without using application or any other 3rd party magic. I have QC paired with 4 devices and I hate when it hijacks signal from secondary device (for example TV from another room when other people watch it). Or when it connects to secondary device with weak signal and constantly spams connected / disconnected messages. Can 700 series be switched to single device mode? Or maybe is it possible to diconnect from secondary device using hardware buttons?
  2. Can microphone loopback (sidetone) be disabled? This is literally the most retarded feature of the decade. When you bought noise canceling heaphones just to hear during videocalls every keyboard click, every street noise, every nearby chatter picked by microphone and amplified directly to your ears. I cannot express how much I hate it.


Can any 700 series owner answer above questions please? I really, really like every other aspect of Bose headphones. From sound quality, battery life, comfort, to overall build quality. But I don't want to spend huge pile of money just to deal with the same annoyances on daily basis for another few years.



No to both questions, and also there is even more annoyances reported and no clue when if ever Bose will be fixing any of it. Honestly, I would not even recommend NC700 to anyone and really regretted getting it.

The sidetone issue which is made even more prominent with firmware 1.7.0.
Auto firmware update cannot be disabled by any means unless you don't use the app, which means there's no other way to switch devices. along with stuttering audio issues, rebooting issues, connection issues.

Was owner of QC15, & QC25 and never had any need to visit Bose forums at all.

Thanks for answer.


I'm not sure if I understood you correctly. Are you saying that you can not swicth input source without app?

  1. No still a problem
  2. Yes you can choose a setting for your own voice during phone calls. On the PC during calls you can change ANC to any level you desire - on level 10 you wont hear your voice or any klicks / outside noise. 

| On the PC during calls you can change ANC to any level you desire


Thanks for the info. However my question was not about ANC (amount of environment noise counter-phased by headphones) but about sidetone (where sound picked by microphone and not considered noise is replayed to user so he can hear himself during voice calls).


Doing calls on QC35 is pure torment, it's like having hearing apparatus cranked to maximum, spamming you constantly with overamplified background sounds. And this is the main reason I'm looking for an upgrade.

In the bose app you can set your voice loudness for calls from high, to middle, to low, to off. 

So yes that is fixed and works.


Also ANC level determines how loud your own voice is perceived. 


I prefer middle and ANC to 5 to have a natural call quality. With off and ANC to 10 you dont hear yourself anymore and thats crazy how hard it's to talk. 

Yes, without the app, you cannot switch which source you want to have the sound coming from, unlike QC35 that has a dedicated button for this simple function, NC700 do not and has to rely on app to switch. e.g. when i have ipad, iphone and mac paired up with NC700, and already have iphone and ipad connected, there is no way for mac to connect until i disable bluetooth from one of the 2 devices, if i do not use the app to switch.


with ANC on my NC700 set to 10, and turning off self voice(btw, affects only when in a call, & not applicable if playing music), i cannot hear myself, but i can hear sounds from some lady talking that is 2meters away. this is how the sidetone, was mentioning, seemingly affect not only NC700 but QC35 as well.