Are the Bose surround speakers compatible with the UFS-20 Series II universal floorstands

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As long as they are series 2, then yes.

I believe an additional adapter is required, but I don't see it listed anywhere.  My surround speakers cannot connect to the UFS-20 Series II out of the box.  There is no area to screw in the provided brackets on the speaker.  Where can I get the adapter?

Then you must have the series I stands.


The series 2 come with the adapter plate.  this screws onto the stand and the speakers slide onto the adapter plate.  


Since this is considered a spare part and not an accessory, you may not find it on the internet.  Instead call your local Bose support line and ask for spare parts sales.

Maybe. But the box clearly says UFS-20 Series II.  I read another poster say that he worked with Bose support to get a seperate adapter to make these work withe current surround speakers.  They appear to be smaller than the "invisible" models I saw from a year ago. I am having difficulty identifying who I contact for this issue.  If you have a number it would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!

You were correct!  My mistake....there was another package in box that included brackets. I am very grateful that you gave me the information so that I could double check.  Thank you so much!


By the way, these speakers sound great and really completes my Bose 700 and two Base units surround sound!