Audio Issue

I bought a new Bose Soundwear on Friday, 17th April and am having the same problems as previous post by Renato m with too much treble and high frequencies. Prior to use I carried out the system upgrade so do not know what they would have sounded like before that. I use an iPod Air, Kindle Fire or Motorola G7 mobile as music player and despite using their provided equalisers cannot get rid of the hard high frequencies Renato mentions. This is the first Bose sound device I have bought and had high expectations of the audio quality but have been sadly disappointed. Can anyone tell me if there is a solution to this problem before I return them to the supplier.

Hey TRW and Renato M, 


Thank you both for posting and contriubitng to the Community! I'm sorry for the time that it has taken for us to reach back out to you both. 


We have some great steps here, that will ensure that your SoundWear is back to performing as it should be! 


Let us know the result of these steps!