Audio Streaming on Bose Smart Home speakers

Hey everyone,


Recently, we received reports on the community regarding issues with streaming some content on our SoundTouch and Bose Smart Home speakers. Thank you for bringing this our attention. We are actively working to better understand and resolve the issue.  We apologize for any impact this may have on your experience and will provide an update when we know more.


In the meantime, if you experience this issue please respond and let us know which product and what you were streaming when you experienced the issue.



I have a bose 500 home speaker.

I keep getting interruptions on bbc radio manchester from tunin can you help

Kev Morris 

SoundTouch Wireless Link adapter


Firmware: 25.0.0


IOS App: 25.0.4


Frequent dropouts.  Checked infrastructure, reset Soundcast, reset router, changed router.  Problem persists.  Tried several sources with the same dropouts.


We had a problem like this with an earlier firmware update.  It requires a lot of time to FD isolate problems like this and it is very frustrating to listen to intermittent music.


Please try to limit the use of your customers as BETA test sites.




We finally resolved the problem with our Soundtouch system and it wWAS NOT related to the Soundtouch hardware or firmware.  It was a thermal problem with the audio amplifier that caused to amplifier to turn off for a few seconds every 15 to 30 seconds.  The “red herring “ was that it appeared to be coincident with the firmware update.


Again, he problem was not the Soundtouch.


- larosta


I have sound bar 500 and until recently all was great. Lately when using Bose app to play Pandora nothing happens. The channels are displayed on the app but no sound. I have no problem with sat radio or Amazon music. I removed the apps and reinstalled plus resetting the sound bar. I have the pandora plus plan. 

Is this impacting the Bose 450 Speaker as well? I am getting random cut-outs when streaming from spotify. 

I'm having the same problem trying to play stations.  I can send from my phone via bluetooth but that wasn't the purpose to purchase this speaker.


I have tried factory retting and all other suggestions I've seen on these forums and nothing has resolved this issue.


It has been this way for about 2 weeks.

Since the latest update to the app and speakers I am unable to play music from Amazon and SiriusXM. I keep getting error code 3103.  I have done a total reset of the system, router reset to factory settings, All speakers (1-ST20) and 3-ST10's) reset to factory setting and yet I still am unable to play the indicated music.  The router is a Motorola MG7550 that does have multicast enabled.  To further confuse the issue I am able to stream radio stations using TuneIn.  I was prior to the latest update play all of the above music.  So BOSE what gives.

Spotify WiFi only (no issues here with Amazon Music, Pandora, TuneIn) on home speakers 300 and 500 (also previously on SoundTouch 20 series iii).  System restarts usually Solve the problem 


Same issues on three separate High speed WiFi networks (Atlantic Broadband, Xfinity and Verizon) In two states (MD and VA).

These bugs are related to AIRPLAY and DLNA implementation.

For DLNA : it has been confirmed by two experts in UPNP protocols (respectively the developers of HifiCast and BubbleUPNP Android applications : both of them have managed to apply workarounds to partially fix the BOSE DLNA implementation, making theses apps to work nearly well in DLNA, with few problems, but still not perfect).

The Airplay problems have been tested with the reference app "DoubleTwist Player Pro".

The 4 issues that I noticed are :

1) in Airplay : volume control is completely broken (unsensitive control). It HAS worked for a few hours, but remains broken for now.
2) in Airplay : Pause -> Play resume the track from start : no Pause support.
3) in DLNA : Bose Home Speaker sends bogus replies to GetVolume() , and randomly notifies volume=0 on startup even if actual Speaker volume is 30% : resulting in desynchronization between the app and the speaker.
4) in DLNA : seek progress bar is broken : doesn't show progress status

--> Point 3) can be fixed on App side by ignoring bogus volume status DLNA messages from speaker, and forcing with SetVolume from the app at playback startup and Pause/Play restart. This has been implemented as a workaround by both HifiCast and BubbleUPNP.

Let me know if you need logs and how I can generate it.