Automatic shutdown

Hello .. Today I had problem with my frame.After pressing the button it works fine but onve I open the left temple it automatically shutdown. Only the left arm because if it is closed I can still hear the sound. The frame did not fall down or accidantlly damaged. It is in my pocket all the time. Any suggestions. Thank you

I purchased two pairs of Alto Sunglasses.   They both have been working fine UNTIL 2 days ago.  I believe your latest update really botched up the sunglasses’ ability to stay connected properly.

First, both pairs of sunglasses suddenly stopped charging.  After fiddling with them and closing the right temple (side with the charging port), we were able to finally get the sunglasses to charge but they would not connect to our iPhones.  We have an iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max.
We then updated both pairs of Alto sunglasses using your Bose Updater to version 4.16, now both pairs of sunglasses continue to disconnect from our iPhones whenever we open the right temple to put them on.  They only stay connected when the sunglasses are closed


Hi all,


Sorry to hear you've faced some difficulties using your Bose Frames. The issues you describe are quite unusual so I'd like to offer some troubleshooting to help your situations.


To - the firmware updates we release would not have an effect on the charging ability of your product. If you do notice you're having a problem doing this, try the steps HERE


For the Bluetooth issues, you and are experiencing, be sure you've followed all steps shown HERE.


If you feel as if the issue is more related to power and battery life, where the Frames are turning themselves on/off without your input, please let me know.

Thank you, BUT none of this worked. 


The issue is:  We updated to version 4.16, now every time we open the sunglasses to wear them, they disconnect.  They ONLY stay connected if the sunglasses are closed.  


Hi ,


I appreciate you clarifying that - it's certainly not normal behavior.


Would you able to try the Bluetooth troubleshooting HERE to see if that helps the situation?

Hello again .. thank you for your reply. I checked everything including the new update and still have the same problem. There is nothing wrong with bluetooth because the device connects perfectly and can hear the sound very clear but when the left arm is closed, once I open it, it disconnects and shuts down. I think the problem is with the left arm. The glasses is only used for 4 months.

I appreciate you trying those steps !


Glad to hear the sound isn't being affected at all. Are you connecting your device to the Frames before opening up the arms? Then once you put the Frames on your head, your device has disconnected?


What happens when you press the button on the right temp when you wear the Frames, do they connect back to your device?

I've tried to connect the frame by pressing the button on the right arm while wearing it  but it does not connect and no sound at all. So to test I closed both arms and pressed the button on the right and the frame connects with clear sound, I opened the right arm and everything was fine but when I opened the left arm frame disconnects and button does not work and does not connect back.

Polaris059:  I had the same issue on two pairs of Bose Alto Sunglasses.  As soon as I opened the glasses they would disconnect.  They connected fine if they were closed.  I ended up calling the Bose 800 number and they took care of me.  I suggest you call Bose at 1-800-901-0829.  They are answering calls on Monday through Friday 9 AM – 6 PM ET.  I actually had to call 4x before I got through as I was being automatically hanged up on.  But the 4th time I called I got through.  FYI - The wait on hold is long; I was told they have limited support personnel (due to COVID-19) but once I spoke to a support person they handled my issue.

i'm having the same problem right arm out it's stops working. Not charging. Not turning on. When it's folded in seems to work fine. Could there be a connection issue with the right arm. If there not on my head there in the case. Strange that 2 people are having the same problem.     

I am experiencing the same problems. When my frames are closed, they can turn on no problem and connect to my phone. When I open it past roughly half way the sound cuts off and the frames turn off. I have tried to call customer support but due to Covid-19, the service is unavailable, what would you recommend us do? Wait for the service to be opened? (I use these glasses maybe every second day, great product WHEN WORKING. One day they are working just fine the next, they don’t turn on with the right arm out.)

Hello all, 


Thank you for posting and assisting each other. 


If the issue still persists after attempting all steps on this thread, we would highly recommend that you reach out to your regional customer support team via this link here.


Please do attempt all contact methods listed on the site. Please also keep in mind that due to current world events you may experience a delay in hearing back from the team.

Hi bodrumtour,


As you are currently in Turkey, the team you will want to reach out to can be found HERE. If you contact them, they will be able to assist you with this further!


I hope this helps!

Hi Bose,


I have the same issue with this. I have my Bose Frame Rondo since November 2020, everything is good until 2 days ago it can be turn on and charged. I finally found out that if the right temple (the one with button) is folded, the frame works normally, but if I open the right temple, the frame will

shutdown when the temple only open half way.


I purchase the frame in Australia and I am currently living in Barcelona. Any service center that I can contact?

Hello Amar1904, 


Thank you for reaching out to the Community for the first time today! We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing this folding issue with your Frames. 


You will be able to contact Bose Spain via the Contact Us page here.

I am now having the same issue - the glasses only work when the right arm is shut. Was there a remedy?

If the tips above don’t work for you, tech support seems to be the only remaining option.