Aviation Headset

I have an older A20 headset I used during flight ops over Afghanistan in a converted King Air. No bluetooth ... but noise canceling works fine. The problem is the connection. I need to find an adapter that goes from a single short plug-in to either a dual or 6 pin plug for a Cirrus. Any ideas? Dave

Hi Dave,

I think you need a Nato to GA Dual Plug Adaptor. You can search for that on the internet.

Be aware there are two different Nato style plugs, a brass finish one and a silver finish one? They are not compatible.

Also, depending on your Kingair Avionics, you may have had a low impedance Mic. The Cirrus needs an Electret to work most likely.

If this is the case, then the Headset will work but no Mic on Intercom or Transmit for info.

Lastly, using an Adapter, the Headset won’t receive power from the Aircraft so you will be on battery power.

Hope this helps,