Awful interference with electric guitar

Hi guys

I did a gig today in a residential centre using just my S1.

I was using it on battery power but as I was using my Telecaster I decided to connect the T1 so that I could pop some delay in for my Shadow's songs.

I was using a TRS balanced cable to connect the T1 and S1 and I made a point of turning the Tonematch off on the S1.

For some odd reason my guitar then began to develop a nasty hum which stopped when I touched the strings.

I tried the guitar through my Fender Deluxe when I got home and it's perfect with no interference at all so obviously there was something wrong with the way I had set the S1.

Any ideas what might have caused the interference?

I wonder if it's because the T1 was on power supply but the S1 was on battery. Could that cause the problem?

Grateful for any thoughts.

Cheers guys


Hi Geoff,

Can you get the nasty hum when you connect the Tele to the T1 to the S1 Pro, at home?


Was there any neon lighting or fluorescent ceiling lighting where you were playing?  Guitar cables (and single coil pickups) often hum when certain types of lighting are around.

Alas, the only cure is continue touching the strings...

FYI: I've found that plugging my SG Standard directly into a channel and using the guitar setting of the tonematch (and a bit of reverb) of my S1 Pro sounds GREAT -- no hum but then the SG has humbucking pickups in it.

Fluorescent light hum and grounding buzz that goes away when strings are touched are two different phenomenon. Touching strings won't make lighting hum go away, only humbucking action will do that (humbucker pickups or two single coils in parallel and wired out of polarity with each other (positions 2 and 4 on a Strat switch for example). On the flip size, ground buzz only goes away when you ground the circuit (either through a power ground or touching the screens (you are ground).

All I can say about the S1 on battery vs AC power is try it. I don't know how the grounding works between a T1 and the S1 but the T1 power supply has no grounding prong and the S1 does, so possibly plugging in the S1 would provide the need ground path to drain away the buzz.

Hope this helps,