B1 for sub

I just ordered S1 pro , my question is , can i use my B1 sub with it and how to connect them .

Answer is greatly appreciated 


Hi Sid,

Great question.

The B1 bass module is only compatible with the full-size L1 systems (L1 Classic, L1 Model 1S, L1 Model II).  The B1 bass module is powered by a dedicated amplifier that is built-in with the L1 systems.

The S1 Pro system is engineered to deliver great balanced sound without a separate bass module. It doesn't have an extra amplifier built-in for a B1.

As a matter of interest, the B1 bass module has two 5.25 inch drivers. The S1 Pro has one 6 inch driver.

For more detail see: S1 Pro System with B1 Bass Module

I hope you'll be pleasantly surprised by the sound of your S1 Pro system when it arrives.

Please let us know what you hear.