B1 on L1 Power Stand vs. on ground?

Hi all. I am testing out B1 placement for my L1 model 1.


The guidance seems to say I should put it the B1 on the floor next to the L1. However, this sounds vastly, notably worse compared to placing the B1 directly ONTO the power stand next to the column. The sonic difference I'm hearing is literally the difference between a tinny line array and a coherent full-range system. 


I don't want to mess too much with the L1's tonal balance, as that's the whole reason I bought the system. This B1 placement seems against the guidance, but can anyone let me know if there's a particular reason I shouldn't do this? Anyone know why this happens? Maybe related to my very small room and low volume? Thanks a bunch, all.

Hello saxpiano,


"Maybe related to my very small room and low volume?"  I think you have identified the reason it sounds better there.  Over the years, there have been many discussions on this forum about B1 placement, most about how to get louder perceived volume or change placement to eliminate either dead spots or boominess.


I did find this great post from several years regarding "cramped spaces" where one user mentioned placing the B1 on top of the power stand as a last resort.  Of course, the main reason against it is the vibration to the power stand that wasn't designed to withstand direct contact, and that the B1 may move and fall over, or scratch the surface.  In other spaces, placement to the side, against a back or side wall, or any other myriad of placement scenarios may sound best for the audience.


I've never done it with my own Model 1/B1 system, but I don't think there are any "absolutes", just "not recommended".


Does that help?