Background noise with Tone Match


Hi all! I bought a tone match 4 mixer, plugged it into my Bose L1 compact, turned the volume on the L1 compact up to 3/4, and the green channel light came on and I heard static white noise in the background. The tone match has nothing connected and with the volume at 0.


I tested the Tone match 4 on 5 Bose L1 and L2 systems, all of which were the same. I changed audio cables, it remains the same. I changed power cables and neither.


I tested a Tone Match 1 mixer on all of the above Bose systems and at the same 3/4 volume on the Bose L1, the green light comes on and noise is heard.


Is it possible that it is a factory problem on all Tone match mixers? That when connecting them with a 1/4 cable to the Bose L1 and L2 systems, and raising the volume of the speaker to 3/4, the green light is already on and a background noise is heard, even without being something connected to the mixer and with the volume at 0 of the mixer?


Has the same thing happened to someone else?