Base unit repair

I had an Issue with my L1 base unit not powering up,  however the unit was out of warranty,  

It cost £169.00 to repair the unit, with a years warranty, Bose collected and returned the unit to me in 10 days,  

exceptional service,  

Another reason when Bose is number 1!!! exceptional after service !!!!!!!

Hi rory conway,

I'm sorry you had a problem with your L1 system not powering. Thanks for telling us about your experience with Bose Support.


1 class service!

I had an odd problem with my L1 Model II and B2 Bass Module. I only need 1 for most events, but own 2. Last week, I connected as usual, turned on the power stand, set the volumes and ... no sound. Checked everything, swapped cables. Nothing. Powered off the power stand, waited 10 seconds, powered on: perfect, all night long. Anyone have any ideas what could cause this? I called Bose and they didn't know, since it's certainly not normal, but maybe one of you talented users has experienced this. Thanks.


The B2 sub is the big/tall one. The L1 MII can only support one B2.  You'll need the A1 if you want to drive a second B2. This like shut all sound down.  Does you system work OK with one B2?


You'll need the A1 Packlite to drive a second B2.  


i think he meant he owns two systems

I play piano in a Hotel using the L1

The same thing happened with mine. It might work for a week, then it goes out in the middle of a song.

I turn it off, then back on, and it might work fine for a couple of days, then it happens again.

I loved my unit but ..couldn't rely on it, so had to stop using it . any suggestions?

Hi Johnanthony,

Welcome to the forum! Sorry to hear you're having an issue with your L1. I recommend testing the system in a different wall outlet to see if the same thing happens.

When the problem occurs, does the power cut out completely on the Powerstand, or is it just the audio that stops?