Bass Module 500 volume to soundbar

I bought the Bose package at Best Buy - Smart Soundbar 300 Bass Module 500.  Love them but the Bass module is a beast.  Anyway to adjust the soundbar to bass module balance?  Bass is overwhelming in my bedroom.

Tomy knowledge, there is no way to adjust the crossover balance but you can decrease the bass on the equalizer in the Bose Music App. Also, placement of the bass module can make a huge difference. Definitely avoid putting it in a corner of a wall. It sounds like you may even want to have it not be near a wall at all. Somewhere in the open in the center of the room might provide you with more balance. 

If you cannot get it right, you may want to consider getting the SoundBar 500 instead. It is very similar in sound with the the Bass Module 500. The advantage is that it has Adapt IQ room calibration. It will listen to your room and automatically adjust the sound (including the bass module) to sound just right. 

Hope this helps!