Battery Upgrade for Alto

I just saw that Bose is now offering several new styles of Bose Frames. They look great, but I did notice something very different . . . 


I own a pair of Alto's that have a very short battery life per charge. I am lucky if I get 3 hours or just a bit more. I noticed that the new Frames are touting a battery life of 5.5 hours. Is there an upgrade that can be performed on my Alto to get the higher battery life? Is there a way to trade these in for a different style with better battery life?


Would appreciate any input, including anyone with any of the new Frames that can attest to the extended battery life on these newer styles?



Hey MrMarty,


I hope your Alto Frames have served you well so far!


One full charge of the Alto Frames will provide 3.5 hours of listening time or 12 hours on standby. There isn't a particular upgrade that can be made to increase battery life as the new Frames will be operating different hardware.


If you're noticing battery life underperforming, I'd recommend trying a different cable (if possible), and power socket/outlet to see if battery life can be improved. However, you're more than welcome to contact local support, if you'd like to look into getting hold of the new Frames.

I hope Boss can have soon the Alto style but with upgraded battery and audio support. I mean you keep the line of style but you change the hard and software side.