Best option for large halls

I have had a mishap with my Soundlink Bluetooth Speaker III. It fell from surface with an AUX cable attached - which yanked out the AUX socket/port as it fell. I have a quote from Bose to fix it at £77 which is not a cheap fix for the cost of the speaker. I am wondering whether to use this crisis as an opportunity to get a bigger sound. I use my speaker as a set up for my dance classes. I usually used it with Bluetooth in my venues and was quite happy with the sound but some larger halls swallowed the sound a little.Since going online I have needed a more sophisticated set up with a digital mixer which means I needed to use the AUX cable set up. 

My question is which speaker to go for if I am to use this mishap to upgrade my system.

I need

1 the same or preferably louder/better sound and quality than the Soundlink III

2 Bluetooth and AUX port

3 I would be interested in a PA system with a built in mixer but it would need to be able to digitally output the sound to a MacBook at the same time as playing the music out to class (so that my mic and the music is mixed and sent digitally to my online clients via zoom) but so that the class/I can hear it also. At the moment I have my phone sound and mic going into a mixer with a USB output to a Mac and an AUX output to a speaker. This doesn’t seem to be an option with your pro PA speakers. But I may be wrong. 

What is my best option. How does the revolve speaker compare in volume/dynamics and quality to the soundlink III?

Hi JojoWu,

Welcome to the Bose forum! Sorry to hear this has happened to your SoundLink III.

The Revolve Plus would the closest equivalent from our SoundLink range, in terms of audio performance. One key difference, however, is the Revolve is a 360 speaker and not a stereo speaker, which means it projects the same sound in all directions.

You may also want to consider the Portable Smart Speaker, which is similar to the Revolve Plus but also features additional WiFi functionality and built-in voice assistant.

For an all-in-one PA system with built-in mixer and Bluetooth connectivity, I recommend looking at the S1 Pro system. It does not support USB-audio, but the speaker's line output can be connected to an audio interface with a 1/4" cable if you wish to record to a computer.

Hope this helps!