Best sound setting for SB 700

I have used many Bose products over the years ranging from headphones to speakers. Never ever had the regret and dissatisfaction buying them. After moving to new home I decided to invest in home theatre system. After doing a lot of research and thinking between Samsung HW-Q950T and SB700, I finally decided to go with SB700 complete setup. So, I purchased SB 700 with Bass Module 700 and virtually invisible surround speakers. I still haven't received the surround speakers as they are not in stock in Bose website. Setting up the SB700 and Bass module was bit fiddly than I expected. But in the end I did setup. The room I setup the system is medium sized hall. The AdaptIQ failed 3 times in the beginning but finally was able to do it with Bass module connected. The result in the end was not I expected. And it was really bad playing music and movies. After reading few posts in community, I disconnected the Bass Module and redid the AdaptIQ again only with SB700 and connected BM after that. It was better. Watched a couple of movie and listened some music. But still I haven't satisfied with my settings. I cannot figure out the best setting(s) to get the most of SB700 and BM700. To be honest this was not I expected. I feel like it was lacking something. I feel like my £80 creative sound bar with sub connected to TV in kitchen is doing better than £1600 SB setup.  Do you think the experience will be better after I receive surround speakers?I don't want regret the decision I made. I know people will say it depends on personnel preferences and room size where the system setup etc but can anybody really help please? 



Hello HarryE and welcome to the Community! 

I am glad to hear that you managed to get the AdaptIQ to calibrate successfully. 

Do you have the Soundbar added to the Bose Music app? If you do you can adjust the soundbar and bass module further with the EQ settings under the audio section. 
For more information on this, you can check out our support article here

While I cannot recommend any specific settings as everyone's preferences are different. Have a play around with the settings until you find a set up that suits you best.

Let me know how you get on with this. 

HI Liam,


Thank you for your reply. I finally seem found the ideal setting for my room. Watched few movies and listened some music last week. It seems like ok. I hope the experience will be even improved more after I receive the surround speakers.


Thanks and regards