Best use for a duo

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I am in a duo. guitar /keyboards. I recently bought a 2nd L1 mod 2. am I better off running both instruments and vocals into 1 unit and coming out of the master out to the 2nd unit or would it be better to run the guitar and one vocal out of 1 unit and the keyboard and one vocal out of the other unit?


I would suggest that each of you use a dedicated L1.  Not sure how far apart you are when you perform; however, when you consider the original intent of the L1 design which was to simulate the live sound that came directly from musicians' acoustic instruments based on their stage location, before there was amplification, that's what you would be doing.  Using a mixer you could pan certain instruments and/or vocals L or R in a stereo configuration.  Again, though, to keep it simple I'd use one L1 for guitar/vocals and the other L1 for keyboard/vocals.