Blues Guitar Sounds

I currently play in a Blues trio using the one PS1.

My guitar runs through a line 6 POD 2.0 running into channel 3. My vocals and the bass go into 1 & 2.

I have been using the POD for more than 6 years now and always found it to have the best sounds for any guitar style.

Wanted to know peoples thoughts on a great tone for blues.

I have something but not 100% happy with the tone. Im looking for something between SRV and Gary Moore. a clean sound with a bit of crunch/bassy tone.

I know the PS1 back to front as well as the POD but i dont think ive found the right combination as yet.

Any thoughts???


American don’t know anything about Blues guitar tone.

You’re better off consulting your brothers and sisters in Oz.

Just kidding – about the Americans I mean.

I think you will get a lot of advice here – stay tuned.

And thanks for checking in here.


Originally posted by Kirby From Sydney:
I have something but not 100% happy with the tone. Im looking for something between SRV and Gary Moore. a clean sound with a bit of crunch/bassy tone.

Hi Kirby,
Does your guitar sound "zippy"? Like a "bee in a bottle"?

Because the POD is going into Channel 3 you will not have EQ Presets to tame the output of the POD. What I mean by this is that the signal coming out of the POD 2.0 was intended to go into a guitar amp. The signal going through the guitar amp will eventually find its way to a 12" (usually) speaker. A 12" speaker is not a full range speaker and will attenuate the high frequencies produced by the POD.

The Bose L1 is a full range speaker and therefore reproduces the entire range of the POD - including the zippy high frequency stuff.

You may wish to try a speaker emulator device such as the "Red Box" or other similar gadget. It is intended to emulate a 12" speaker.

I hope this is helpful.

FWIW, the PODxt comes with a feature to select the output "Destination" including the Bose PS1.


Hi Mark,

Neat diagnosis.

There is a 12" emulation in the presets that I use sometimes.

Version 1: # 35 (12" Speaker)
Version 2: # 25 (Electric Guitar Direct)

Have you tried these Kirby?

Thanks ST. I was thinking about that, but Kirby said he was using Channel 3 on the PS1 and thus would not have access to presets. FWIW, I really do like the presets. Have you tried (Version 2) #83 & #84? They are bandpass filters but they help to give the modelers/effects pedals more “meat”.


I carry a pod for backup in case my 50 year old fender amp needs a rest in the repair shop. I found that the pod when set to emulate my BF fender works very well. I run it into the tone engines stereo input and have the air switch set on the pod as well as the jensen speaker emulation. I don’t find it perfect at all, but I can use it and not vomit. I love the L1 MII and it’s the best guitar friendly PA system on earth. I have been considering running the pod and tube amp together. I run a resonator guitars cone pickup into the tone match set on the martin backpacker preset, and run the magnetic pickup on my resonator into my fender amp. The tone is the best I’ve ever encountered and I even play the guitar in my quartet with bass drums and keys. It cuts and adds a whole new dimension to our blues band. I think the pod might be a possible replacement for the fender amps role in this setup.