Bose 500 home speaker - Spotify not working with Alexa

Hi community ! 


My bose 500 home speaker keeps on giving me the same frustrating message when i ask to play music to alexa i get this response : 

" to do that first enable the skill for your Bose Home Speaker 500 in the alexa app, then ask me to discover devices "

I already enabled the skill and i am able to add in my lights and control the lights with Alexa on my Bose 500 home speaker but not the music on my spotify account. 

I am getting frustrated as i surfed every website and tried all the trouble shooting but keep getting that same message. Could someone walk me through this step by step please ?


Merci !

Hi IceKool,


Sorry that you're having this experience! I would love to do what I can to help.


Do you have your Spotify Premium account linked to both the Bose Music app and your Alexa?


Can you let us know what troubleshooting you have already attempted? I wouldn't want to waste your time by re-advising you the same steps you've already performed.


Do get back to us 😊

Hi Tegan, 


Thank you for your response, 

Yes i do have a premium spotify account and i have linked it to amazon, alexa and my bose. 

I tried removing the alexa app and reinstalling it, i tried unplugging the bose 500 and replugging it after 60 seconds, i tried adding different skills. Nothing does it. 

The funny thing is, when i first got the bose 500 speaker i could say " Alexa, play this song" and it would work. 

Then i got a new phone ( did the Samsung smart switch so everything on the old went onto the new phone) but since then i cant control alexa with my bose anymore for playing from spotify. 


Thanks for coming back to us!

This is certainly unusual. 

I would recommend going into the Alexa settings and making sure that you have Spotify selected as your primary music service. 

If this is unsuccessful, I would recommend removing everything and starting again:


- Disable the skill in the Alexa app

- Delete the speaker in the Alexa app

- Delete Alexa from the Bose Music Application. 

- Search for available devices in the Alexa app, add the Home Speaker 500. 

- Go to the Bose Music app and re-add Alexa. 

- Once complete, double-check the skill has enabled. 


Let me know how you get on! 


Hi Sorry for the delayed response i tried a few times but after the third step i could not search for available devices in the alexa App without going back to the bose music app. I did delete everything as per the first instructions. 

I think there is a problem with the actual skills.

So when i install the bose for soundtouch app, in alexa it shows as connected ( as soundtouch 20) but i still can not control music by voice.

My bose is not the soundtouch 20 but the home speaker 500 so i installed the bose ( not for soundtouch) skill but it does not work either. 

I am lost at the same place once again alexa keeps on repeating : " to do that, please enable your skills then ask me to discover devices " which is what i have been doing but still no success.... 

Hey Icekool, it sounds like you'll need to carefully perform a full and extensive Alexa "cleanse" - this includes removing any associated Bose Skills within the Amazon Alexa app, and removing the associating/memory for the Bose products within the Alexa app under "devices" by removing the product. These steps are outlined above in Jessie's post, but due to the use of multiple apps, it can be a little tricky to navigate. Be sure to follow each step in the following order.

  1. Remove Amazon Alexa from the speaker within the Bose Music app 
  2. Disable the skill in the Alexa app
  3. Delete, remove, or de-authorize the Bose speaker in the Alexa app
  4. Enable the Amazon Alexa connection within the Bose Music app once again

We also have some additional troubleshooting steps available on our support site HERE.

Thank you ! It finally worked !! I am so very happy !! Merci bose !

I hate this speaker its been hell just to get it connected to Alexa and then no matter what I did I got that same irritating msg even though the skill is fully connected to Spotify , they probably do it on purpose and make it easy for amazon music to connect , any ways im going to try Andy- b instructions and see if it will work

Hi @jody, thanks for commenting. Did these work for you?