BOSE 500 randomly plays spotify in the middle of the night and I don't use that app :(

I have seen others post on this but NO SOLUTIONS! 


My BOSE 500 speakers randomly play music in the middle of the night.  When I look at my phone, the source is Spotify, which I do not use.  The app is not on my phone. This morning this happened again, even after I put my phone in airplane mode, and disabled blue tooth and wifi.  My daughter uses spotify and is connected to this speaker, however, I don't believe her phone is the source of the music because I have the ability to shut it off from my phone.   


Screen shot of this morning's playlist attached.  Luckily it's not headbanging music.





I am very sorry to hear that you are having this experience.


Spotify finds and remembers Spotify Connect-compatible speakers on your network, which includes Bose speakers. So, if a user connects their device to your network and opens Spotify on that device, Spotify will find and remember your Bose speaker on that device. From here on, users of that device can turn on and stream music to your speaker, even when connected to a different network. To determine if this is your daughters account, in order to stop unwanted access:

  1. In a web browser, go to
  2. In the Settings menu, select Account overview
  3. Select the SIGN OUT EVERYWHERE option to log out of your account on any other web browser, computer, or mobile device
    Note: This does not log out of all devices, like some smart speakers or game systems. For help login out of such devices, contact the device manufacturer
  4. Log in to your Spotify account on any devices you want use with Spotify


If the issue persists, factory default your system to remove it from the Spotify Connect menu of other accounts. To perform a factory reset, please follow this link.


Then, to prevent the issue from reoccurring, change your network name and/or password. Otherwise, devices that have remembered your network info can automatically reconnect to your network and cause the issue again. Additionally, consider creating a guest network for users outside your household. Most routers have the ability to broadcast a guest network, which allows users Internet access but prevents connecting to your home network.

thank you for your response.  but it seems even after i do all these things, the problem will reoccur, because she utilizes our home network and listens to spotify.  

Just to confirm, this playback is happening randomly and it's not from your daughter accidentally triggering it?

yes, the playback is random, always in the middle of the night, never during the day!  and my daughter is not accidentally playing it.  

, how strange. Could I please confirm which phones you and your daughter have? Also, has she tried putting her phone on air-plane mode when sleeping. I appreciate this is not a fix, but it will help me to isolate the issue to get it fixed once and for all so you can have a good nights sleep. 

We both have the iPhone 11.  also for more background, i have two Bose 500 speakers.  One upstairs, one downstairs.  until recently, it was the upstairs speaker that would randomly play.  now it's the downstairs one; she recently connected with that speaker via spotify.   

, has she tried putting her phone on air-plane mode when sleeping too like you have? I appreciate this is not a fix, but it will help me to isolate the issue to get it fixed once and for all so you can have a good nights sleep. 

we will experiment with airplane mode tonight.  

Hi there, i just wanted to add to this post.  my daughter has now returned to college and not connected to the home wifi system. still spotify plays at night. how is this happening! and it plays a channel she would never listen to.  is this something i just have to accept with bose speakers?