Bose 901 compatible receivers

I trying to find a receiver that will work with the Bose 910 equalizer.. The receiver needs tape mointer or tape loop in order to work with the 901 equalizer. I appericiate if you can provide me with a list  of recivers that will work with the Bose 901.

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Thank you for your interest in our products, and i'd be happy to help advise here.

We have run a lot of version of the 901 speakers over the years, as well as the Lifestyle 901 which came with a music centre.

In order to provide you with the best information, can I ask which series of these 901 speakers you are referring to here?


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Liam W - Community Support

I have a Pioneer SX 950! Works great. Series VI Speaker_ENGvo.pdf


"System Compatibility
Series VI speakers and Series VI active equalizer work with your stereo
components to produce a superb music system. The active equalizer is an integral part
of the system and may be connected in a variety of ways, depending on the components
you have. The two most common methods are described in this guide. Using different
components may require different connection methods. More information is available by
calling Bose Corporation. Ask for the free booklet, Guide to Optional System Connections
for Bose 901 Direct/Reflecting®
Speaker Systems, part number 149393.
Your 901 speakers are designed to work compatibly with receivers or amplifiers rated from
10 to 450 watts per channel. In this guide, the term receiver is used to refer to an integrated
preamplifier and power amplifier (which may also contain an AM/FM tuner). The term
amplifier is used to describe configurations involving separate preamplifier and amplifier
Most receivers have a TAPE MONITOR connection. The 901 active equalizer is most
commonly connected to the tape monitor connections on the receiver. If you plan to
connect a tape recorder, use the set of inputs and outputs located on the back of the 901
active equalizer marked TAPE RECORDER CONNECTIONS.
If you have recently purchased a home theater receiver, you may be considering using
your 901 speakers for the front channels. Your home theater receiver must have accessible
PRE AMP OUT/MAIN AMP IN connections for the front channels if you are to use your 901
speakers in this way. These may also be called the ADAPTER or SIGNAL PROCESSOR connections."

I love my 901's and wanted to inquire as to the feasibility of the following for fixing the problem of 'tape-monitor less' receivers.


I connected my CD player directly to the input connections on the back of my Bose 901 Equalizer, then the EQ's output connectors directly to the CD input on the back of my receiver.  From that point I use the receiver as a standard speaker driver, in other words one that doesn't need any tape monitor or pre-amp connections.  It seems to work fine with my receiver and the equalizer's tone controls work correctly. Great 901 sound again!


But then I could only listen to the input from the CD, right?  Well, I bought an inexpensive RCA Stereo connection switch, with four inputs and one outlet.  The outlet from this switch goes to the Bose EQ input, so I can now change from my CD to any other input with a flip of the analog RCA switch. 


Anyone ever try doing this as an inexpensive work-around for lack of a 'Tape Monior' circuit in their receiver?


Mike on Long Island

I don't know why that wouldn't work perfectly.  You might want to turn everything off when you flip the switch.  IDK.

I I also recently purchased some Bose 901 series V with the equalizer I was having the same problem with the pre-out /in So I also used the end button on the back of the Bose EQ also ordered a five channel input  with one out. I still want to buy either a new amp with pre-out and pre-and or a vintage amp I am running 100 W per channel at eight ohms but I would really like to put these 901s to the test with a minimum of 150 to 200 or higher watts per channel any suggestions would be great again it can be a new amp preferably with surroundsound or a vintage amp just not sure which one wouldSound the best  thanks Bill.    -Removed by Moderator-



Mike does the Analog Stereo Switch work with your CD and various other inputs for your 901's....This is exactly the dilemma I am facing......Love my 901's and can't find a Receiver with Preamp In and AMP out or Tape Connections.



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Is there a list anywhere of "Modern" Receivers that are compatible with the BOSE 901 Series Direct / Reflecting Speakers???


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Do you know which version of the 901's you have?


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