Bose A20 - Mic not picking up voice unless "shouting"

Just purchased, brand new Bose A20 Aviation headset.  I am a student pilot flying a Cessna 172 in Arizona.  I have used the headset "twice" now - I have a dual cord configuration to plug into the audio and mic jacks for the plane.  I have had a hard time with the mic picking up my voice unless I am "very loud" (nearly shouting) - I have played with mic placement, putting mic nearly ON my lips; I have also varied my "volume" as i speak - it is very sporadic as mic picks up "some" but not all of my speech - was re-reading manual and anything to help me tune my mic and its "audio gain" (not sure exact term)....


Bose product name - A20 Aviation Headset


Country - USA, Arizona


Firmware Version - brand new headset as of 4/15/2021


App Version


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