Bose bass modules

I have a the Bose soundtouch 300 soundbar and Bose acoustimass 300 bass module. I was wondering if it were possible to pair a Bose acoustimass 700 bass module, with my existing Bose 300 products. For dual subs?

You need two of the same bass modules.

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is correct that you need two of the same bass modules. However, on this occasion, the Acoustimass 300 and the Bass Module 700 will work perfectly fine together. This is because they are essentially the same product but just alternative branding for the two different platforms (SoundTouch/Bose Music).


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Just to be clear, so the acoustimass 300 and 700 bass modules will play in dual together on the soundtouch 300 sound bar?


Exactly what my setup looks like ,ST 300 AM300 & BM700 (VI300 as well of course ^^ ), eventho the app only shows 1 Sub, both are up and running.

Where do you have your 2 bass modules placed?  I have two and finding the best place in a room full of furniture is challenging 

Thanks. Everyone it worked flawlessly!