Bose CC64 not taking a program



Recently installed a second CC64 into our venue however it will not accept the new updated program. Both CC64's are "physically" called CC-64 1 but in the program I have them labelled as CC-64 1 and CC-64 2. The IP/Subnet/Gateway are matched from the software to the screens correctly, however CC-64 2 will never upload the program when I download it to the devices via the EX-1280 processor. 


CC-64 1 has an IP of, and a gateway of


CC-64 2 has an IP of, and a gateway of


I have made sure that all Bose devices have their IP reserved for their MAC addresses via our router so they will never clash. Is essentially the only parameter of the software needed to match for the CC64 to download the network settings? I can't appear to be able to rename the CC-64's in the hardware settings section as its greyed out. What could I be doing wrong?


PS: I have also tried to go to a completely different IP being .120 to no avail on screen 2.

PS: The screen is just a duplication of the original, with changed network settings.


Any help would be great!


Kind regards