Bose Companion 5 stops playing and after power restart it is working for some moments

Bose companion 5 sound stops automatically. After that I did power off the main system and restart it and also start the dock its working, but it will sustain hardly 30-40 sec. Then I need to repeat the same process. I do not how to fix the issue.

Hey debajyotiash, 


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I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing this issue with your Companion 5, I'll be happy to assist you! 


This sounds as though you may have an issue with your power cord. Do you have another cable you could try? If not, I would recommend reaching out to your local technical support team for assistance. You can do this by clicking the LINK HERE, selecting your country, and scrolling down to 'Contact Us'. We will do all we can to assist you! 

multimedia speaker system Reboot your computer by powering it off completely and then powering it back on again. If the LED is not lit, see Product will not power on. If a USB hub is in use, try bypassing it. Some USB hubs might cause a computer to have difficulty communicating Reset your product.