Bose Connect app in Windows 10

Hi all.
I'm new in the forum.
I have two units of S1 Pro, with which I am very happy.
I'm looking for a way to run the Bose Connect app on a computer with windows 10.
I have tried some emulators from android on pc, but none of them get the application to work, in particular it seems that they can not activate Bluetooth properly.
Is there anyone who has achieved it?

Thanks and congratulations for the forum.

Hi, rajazz,

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I'm just dropping in to say "Hi" and to say that I've never heard of anyone running the Bose Connect app on Windows. I hope someone will drop in and tell us how to do it.


I haven't tried this, but find the subject interesting.  I found this article that might be useful to those who might want to try it.  One of the things that caught my attention was this bit "requires Virtualisation Technology” enabled in your BIOS.".   

If you don't have that turned on, give that a shot, it might help.

Here's the link:

If I'm feeling energetic later I might give the Remix OS a try.  It looks like you might be able to run this, as a test, from a thumb drive.

Let us know how you make out.


Update question:  In your Windows 10 settings, did you enable the S1 Pro as a BlueTooth device?

Select the Start Windows logo Start button button, then select Settings Gear-shaped Settings icon > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices.





I have Virtual DJ 2020 software on a Windows 10 Home 64 bit machine which has Bluetooth audio connectivity. I have two Bose S1 Pro speakers (laboriously updated yesterday via Bluetooth).

Both Bose S1 Pro speakers have been recognized by the operating system's Bluetooth device search. Both S1 Pro speakers are indicated as connected to audio.

When I play an audio track, the sound comes out of one S1 #1 or the other S1 #2, but not both at the same time nor in stereo which is my ultimate goal.

I've tried using Bose Connect in various configuration hoping for a miracle, Nope.

Whatever assistance someone can provide me in achieving my goal will be gratefully appreciated.

Hi, Cap.

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I'm sorry. You can't run two S1 Pro systems from a Windows machine via Bluetooth. 

You CAN run two S1 Pro systems from an Android, iOS, or iPadOS device via Bluetooth using the Bose Connect app.

The Bose Connect app can stream Bluetooth audio ONLY from the device the app is running on. Bose Connect is not supported on Windows or MacOS.


Thank you, ST. 

Perhaps the Bose software folks would consider`some program to run dual S1 in stereo on a PC/Mac. Ya, right. Oh, the power of wishful thinking.

Be well. Stay well.

To save anyone else a little useless grief, I tried adding BlueStacks, a PC program that will run Android apps under Win 10.

Many of my Google store apps worked well, many did not. Unfortunately, Bose Connect was one of them that did not.  I uninstalled the BlueStacks program.

Be careful if you try BlueStacks yourself. The amount of trash the uninstallation leaves behind in the registry file is mind boggling for a supposed high-end designed program and removing residual artifacts from the registry is a tricky business.

I did find a YouTube video on a possible Bluetooth workaround. I may try it this weekend.

I'm very disappointed to read this post. I was all but sold on getting a pair of these but with no windows support for stereo that is unfortunately a deal breaker for me. Hopefully the software developers add in Windows support in the future.

Hello all,

Thank you for your comments here, we appreciate our customers coming forward to request new features. I have reported this request for S1 Pro stereo pairing functionality support with Windows & MacOS to our product engineering and development team for future consideration.

Hello  -

The pairing to a Windows 10 PC is pretty seamless. Just turn on the  Bluetooth on the PC and your QC III, follow the onscreen instructions. 

Click ADD Bluetooth or Other Device > You should see your QC III or It should say Headphone. 

It worked with the headphone option for me.


My QC III was paired up in  5 minutes. 




Please try your best. Customers are expecting solution. Product ms like Bose S1 Pro are pretty good product , so seems just software issue, really annoying. 


Workaround for Windows/Android:


1.) Install AudioRelay on both your PC and your Android phone. for PC and search AudioRelay in PlayStore.


2.) Start the AudioRelay server on your PC.


3.) Start AudioRelay on your phone and pair your PC from here.


4.) Open Bose Connect on your phone and make a stereo pair.


You now hear your PC audio stream via your phone on both S1 Pro.


It will be streamed via wifi to the phone and then via bluetooth to your speaker array.



You're just pairing it to the computer. That's not the Bose connect app where you can adjust your headphones. How do you do that for Windows 10?

Hi sabor,

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While the S1 Pro can be connected to a PC/Mac computer via Bluetooth, the Bose Connect app is only compatible for iOS/Android mobile devices.