Bose ControlSpace ESP-00 Series II Alternatives

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As you already know, BOSE has discontinued ControlSpace ESP-00 Series II sound processor. I have the project with 16 zones and don't know what to use in this project, as there is no ESP with 16 zone support anymore. Is there any substitution for the above mentioned ESP coming? I just have 16 analog inputs and 16 analog outputs, which have to be controlled from one tablet.


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thank you very much for the solutions! Just one question - if I use the first option (ESP-880AD and an EX-8ML), will the customer be able to control the system via ControlSpace Remote App from one iPad? So, all 16 zones are accessible from one iPad of iPhone... Is it correct?


Which option is easier to implement? First or second option?


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The first option is much easier, indeed. Personally, I prefer to use one ESP instead of two. Makes less burdance 🙂


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If 16x16 is needed the cheapest solution might be to use an ESP-880AD and an EX-8ML.
This way you have 16 analog inputs and 8 analog outputs 8 AmpLink outputs (so you need AmpLink amplifiers).

Another solution could be to use 2x an ESP-880AD (or 2x EX-1280) and route the audio between the 2 DSPs via Dante.


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Hello David,


In both cases you can control all 16 zone using Bose ControlSpace Remote.


Which one is earier to implement?:
I think the first option (ESP-880AD / EX-8ML) as you save time wiring 8 analog lines to the amplifier


Another option could be to use a "normal" amplifier and an AmpLink amplifier is to use Dante amplifiers (for example the PowerShare PS-404D). That way you do not need to wire the DSP output analog (only by a network cable).
But this solution is more expensive, but it might can reduce installation costs by installing the amplifier closer to the loudspeaker.