Bose ControlSpace Remote Client

My school has a Bose ESP 1240a, and I would like advice on how to receive the controls to the remote app after I accidently overrode them with my own remote design (without uploading design to sound system itself).  The sound processor was configured a year ago, and I no longer have the means to control the system, and no one in the school knows how to configure it. 
I connected to the same network as the system, and selected receive on the Client app, but not sure if I just need to connect to a specific IP to receive the original controls.  Hope it's that easy.  Please help.

HI Kermit,


If you no longer have any of the original files used to create the remote or the design, you'll need to download ControlSpace Designer and ControlSpace Remote Builder, and create a new remote design. 

You'll have to connect to ControlSpace Designer in order to retrieve the program file. (.csp). Then you can open this design in ControlSpace Remote Builder. This is what's used to create the remote. You can drag and drop certain blocks from the design into a 'display' area. Then this can be used to 'send to mobile', at which point you would use the 'receive' option on a mobile device.


If this all sounds too involved, I would recommend contacting the original installer for this system, as they may have the original remote design files.