Bose ds40se speakers to pioneer vsx-520

Hi guys I’ve got bose ds40se speakers and i want it to connect on my pioneer vsx 520 reciever , is it possible? If yes how and would be the wiring install 

Hello Genesis,


Sorry for the delay.

Yes you can connect the Bose DS40SE to your amplifier. Although for the best music performance an EQ should be applied (available in our DSPs / amplifiers).

Before you connect the loudspeakers make sure the tab setting is set to 8 ohm:


Next step is to wire the loudspeaker to the 8 ohm terminals:


As the minimum impedance for the VSX 520 is 6 ohm, I would advise to connect one Bose DS40SE per channel.

Now you can connect the loudspeaker cables to you amplifier.


Installation Guide 

Advised EQ for the Bose DS40SE: