Bose EX-1280C looses connection with Ipad during periods of inactivity

I have a small installation in a pub that includes an EX-1280C passing audio via Dante to a Yamaha XMV8280D amplifier. Control of the processor is via a single ipad running control space remote that connects via the hotel's wifi network


Every morning when the manager comes to open, there is no communication between the Ipad and DSP and only a complete power cycle of the DSP returns things to normal. This also occurs when the Ipad is left idle for prolonged periods (a couple of hours or so). Needless to say this is not a permanent solution, and one that he has lived with for close to 12 months (if not more)


There is a HP smart switch between the DSP and the WAP. The DSP was set up originally with a static IP, the IPad DHCP. In attempt to try and fix this, last week the hotel's IT service provider reserved a static IP address for the Ipad (albeit on a completely different subnet), but when I spoke to the manager this morning, the issue is still present.


DSP: EX-1280C

CSD: v5.4

CSR: v?? (will need to check next visit)

Country: Australia




Many apologies for the delay. 


This issue is difficult to diagnose, but I have a few questions first:

-When this occurs, is the EX-1280C displaying the correct IP information on the front panel, prior to manual reboot? (including proper gateway)

-Are we certain both devices have been tested on static IPs together? Has this occurred when BOTH are on DHCP?

-Is the full system shut down each night? (including network switch)

-If you have not done so yet, can another device be tested on site to validate this? 


Please feel free to email us at as well.


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Hi Chris

apology for the delay in responding - I had kind of given up hope!

- Yes, the IP info is correct prior to manual reboot

- Both devices have been tested with both set to DHCP, and then both set to Static, although the original arrangement was DSP (Static), and Ipad (DHCP)

- Only the DSP is power cycled each night.

- I have not tried another DSP. I'd need to call on Bose Aust to loan me a unit to try this out.



Hi Con,


I'm sorry for the continued trouble here. 

What I meant was to try another mobile device or tablet with ControlSpace Remote. 


If the processor continues to lose it's network connection on its own, and is not discoverable in ControlSpace Designer's Hardware Manager when this is happening (direct LAN connection to PC), it should be replaced at this point.


If this is not the case, try updating ControlSpace Designer to 5.8.2 (and update firmware) as well as ControlSpace Remote Builder to 2.9, and then re-upload the remote design to the iPad.


Thank you,,






This issue was never resolved and the whole Covid lockdown haD put it on the backburner for the last 6 months - hence the confrontation with the ugly rearing head again these last 2 weeks.

Can we revisit this again please?

Bumping this along.


Any chance we can begin looking at this again please Chris? This problem is being experienced at two different hotels (pubs) - both with the same setup.

In case anyone that is following this thread is wondering, the issue has not resolved itself yet by itself, but I am hopeful.


Still waiting on someone, somewhere, even in a galaxy far far away to give me some guidance

Hi Con,


It's difficult to troubleshoot this type of issue by back-and-forth community posts.


Have you tried another mobile device? Does ControlSpace Remote builder also lose it's ability to control the system? Are we only talking about external control, or also discovery in CSD or other means over the network? 


Either there is an issue with the processor where it is unable to maintain SoIP communication on the network (not at all common), or there's a network issue with temporary port blocking, or energy efficient network port suspension.

One way to narrow down a root cause is to eliminate these factors (switch, mobile device etc), if possible. After this, I can only tell you there seems to be a failure of our processor. 


I'm hoping a solution becomes apparent. 


Thank you,