Bose F1 subwoofers vs Bose Sub2

Greetings. I'm Jose Fernandes. I'm interested in Bose F1 subwoofers & Bose Sub2. 


How many Bose F1 subwoofers compare to 1 JBL SRX828sp? 


Bose F1 subwoofer vs Bose Sub2? Which is better and why? Which can project sound further with more dB SPL? Do they compare in any way against the big guns, dual 18s? 


Another question, can I use 8 units of Bose F1 subwoofers or 8 units of Bose sub2 in an array configuration? For large shows? Will it be good? Or will I end up in phase cancellation? 


Kindly reply back. 


Your sincerely

Jose Fernandes

If you are looking to compare any Bose sub with any dual 18" sub, you are looking at the wrong comparison methodology. Bose intends for their products to be the best in their respective classes. Comparing 1 or even 2 F1 subs to a dual 18" , will be asking F1 to compete outside of its class.