Bose Frame Tempo prescription premium progressive transition lenses

Hi - I have recently purchased Bose Frame Tempo. My main intention was to get a prescription progressive lenses (Not a prescription sunglass). I tried in GTA but no luck. Finally got it done through Lensabl . Most of my day goes with conference calls and hence decided to use this frame on an average 8 Hrs/day. Its been 3 weeks I received prescription lenses (Its Premium progressive with Transition Gray and my power is not high). I was still feeling my eyes are getting fatigue/tired. Whenever I am switching to my old prescription glass absolutely no issues. Yesterday I visited my optician to just to ensure Lensabl lenses power are correct. They checked and confirmed its all good. The optician mentioned it could be due to few factors (Lenses safe is curved where as my other one is straight, Weight of the frame and it also could be clamping pressure from both arms).  I will continue to use but if anybody has faced similar issue and able to come-up with a workaround please advise. Thanks in advance.