Bose frames doesn't work. After 1 year of use, it doesn't turn on and doesn't charge


I have a Bose frames and it was working normally, always keeping it in the case. Today, it stopped working and even putting it to charge it does not turn on. No lights blink or anything.
What could have happened?

Hey kuhnnt,


Thanks for reaching out and welcome! I'm sorry to hear this has happened to your Frames, but I'd be happy to advise.


It seems you've taken perfect care of your product, so this is no fault of your own. Have you tried charging the Frames through a different outlet, to see if this brings any life to them? Let us know what you find. Also, If the battery temperature is beyond the operating temperature range, wait until the product reaches room temperature, then try again.

I am having the same issue. Am living in Brazil and contacted the local service but got informed that since it has more then one year there is nothing they can do.

Is it correct to say that after a year I have to dispose the frames???

Hey RiRosenberg, 


Thank you for also contributing to this thread and welcome to the Community. Did the local support team run you through any troubleshooting steps at all? 


If the Frames are outside of warranty the team will be able to provide you with paid service options for your product. If they didn't please reach back out to them to inquire about this. 


Please do update us on the result of your call. 

They didn’t offer any troubleshooting procedure and they said that since the glasses battery and components are shielded inside they can’t offer any service except for the purchase of a new one…

am a Bose fan, have some other products at home like home theater speakers and the SoundTouch speaker and it seems to me that the frames wasn’t developed with the same quality as the other lines. 
can you offer me any other solution?

Hi. I've tested it in several different shots, but the problem remains the same. Does not charge.

I noticed that when plugging in to charge, the white light blinks very fast but nothing happens. The glasses are at room temperature, around 24 degrees centigrade.