Bose Frames Tempo Noise Leakage



I recently ordered the Bose Frames Tempo, and they arrived yesterday. I've been trying them out, and overall, I've been pretty happy with the fit and the audio quality.


I do have one question, however. Is there something I need to do in order to have the Frames project their noise cancelling out into the world "better"?


Further explanation:

My interests in these frames are several points:

- Don't have to wear headphones (I like to listen to music at work sometimes, but I need to be able to hear if someone comes up to my desk to talk to me.)

- I already wear glasses, and these support prescription lenses

- The Frames cost about the same as what I'd pay for "normal" glasses frames from the optometrist.


I had read some reviews online about Frames (some were for Tempo, others for the Alto and Rondo) claiming that they had on the order of only 1% noise leakage. (Like this one <mentions 1% leakage>: or this one <mentions "people couldn't hear what you were listening to unless they were standing a foot or two away">: )


From my experimentation, I've seen quite a bit of noise leakage. I've tested the Tempo Frames at the lowest possible volume, both when connected to my phone (Samsung S7 Edge) and my computer (2017 MacBook Pro). I've noticed that, when I take the Frames off and put them on the table, I can still hear the music playing from them from about 6 feet away. That's at minimum volume. If I turn them up one or two notches (which equates to ~7-15%, and is what I find most comfortable to listen to my music to), I can hear them pretty well from across the room.


I don't have audio measuring equipment, so I don't know the exact decibels or % leakage, but I'd estimate more in the 50-75% leakage range.


This makes them somewhat unusable for me. So, is there a way to get closer to that 1% noise leakage benchmark?


Thank you very much for your time!

Others will be able to hear some sound a few feet away, but not as much as you are describing. I would recommend you change your testing method. Setting them on a table is allowing the table top to reflect and amplify the sound. So, in this placement they are louder than when you are wearing them.  If you do not have someone else to wear them for you to judge how much “leakage”, then I recommend fixing them to a coat rack or someplace wear there is no smooth surface to amplify the sound. Also, I suppose that my Alto’s would be more aducirle to others in the same small quiet room with me.  Yet, when I am out and about no one ever notices that my glasses jamming 🙂

Hope this helps!  Best of luck to you. 

Thank you for the response!


I took your advice and had my other family members try wearing them, as well as had them listen while I wore them. Overall, I found that the noise leakage was enough that I probably wouldn't be able to wear these in a quiet environment, like my work office.


However, I realize that's not exactly the intent of these glasses, since they were designed as sunglasses to be worn outside. (And the Tempo in particular are more designed for running and biking). So no hard feelings against Bose, but I did go ahead and return these since they won't fit my use case.


Thanks again!